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i wish there was nice and cute lesbians all the lesbians i know are rude and insecure when around me

remember when alex turner flirted with me? i do

if i was a lesbian i would be attracted to alex turner 

My ipad is auto corrects my words into portoglish

Its so wierd mom dates this french dude and when he tries to be funny the language just makes it awkawrd, 1 because i hate french its such a ridiculouse language 2 the jokes does not transcend languages 3 she thinks his funny?

I bet HIV sounds 100 times funnier in portuguese than in english its like nestum rice every time someone mentinons nestum rice baby powder i burst in tears

Once friends and i were somoking pot in the park and an some guy came up to us and started preaching about how heroin ruined his life and that we should stay in sxhool and then he said he had the bug that while he was high had sex with his girlfrind and now she has the bug, and we were just like there listening the man with our serious expressions and then one of us asked “whats the bug” i Couldnt HOLd we knew what is was when he said HIV everyone laughed so hard.

I wonder if that anime bitch is going to open the artrave here in europe, i cant regard les pequenos little demons and vocaloid anime kids in the same show the HIV and virginity parade

wasnt there a video for cake like lady gaga